A New Venture
Well, we’ve already announced our largest collaborative work to date, PoorArts.Mag, a print magazine featuring the best work of our poor artists.  Submissions may be directed to magazine@poorarts.com.
Now is your chance to announce collaboration opportunities.  If you’re an artist in need of a service, partnership, or assistance of any kind, you can put your information here, for all the other poor artists to see.  Send us the information on your project, the nature of collaboration you are seeking, and an e-mail address so that people may reach you directly.
*PoorArts is not liable for anything resulting from your collaborative efforts.  Similarly, we will claim no credit for any work you do.  This is simply a resource for artists to find one another.  We wish you the best of luck and encourage you to exercise all due caution in your endeavors.
PoorArts Collaborative
Saturday, April 15, 2006