The Interview Chris,  you're a guy that wears many hats: acting, writing, directing, producing.  I find that most people play a lot of extra parts out of necessity.  What brought you across the line from an actor to a producer?
Chris Mollica: Restlessness.  That's the simple answer.  I'm like a shark.  If I stop, I die.  I had been in the city for about 4 months with no work and was getting a severe itch.  So, a good friend and I had a conversation about the original Poor Arts twice (I also have the memory of a goldfish) and the rest is...well, in progress.  On the other hand, it was also a want to get the projects and work that I love of other artists and my own out in front of the world.  I've never been one satisfied by working in a vacuum.  Art is to be shared.  Thus, we share.
Chris Mollica
His work has brought him to the stage, the small screen, and the independent film world, as well as both coasts.  Now, Chris talks about collaboration, his new environment, and the exciting project he calls his own.
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