One of our goals is to foster professional relationships and collaborations that are beneficial to the whole community.  In that spirit, we are proud to announce the PoorArts Collaborative, a resource for all the artists out there in need of others’ services.  Shooting a film and need a crew?  Looking for feedback on a written piece?  The collaborative is a sounding board for new works and a breeding ground for future endeavors.  If you’d like to post your project on the collaborative, e-mail us at
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The first issue of PoorArts.Mag is accepting submissions.  Send us your best of the written word.  Submissions will be simultaneously considered for the site and print journal.  We are open to any length, genre, or style.  Submissions should be accompanied by brief biographical and contact information.  Direct your submissions to  The final product (a square-shaped perfect-bound volume) announces its arrival in early summer.
A new kind of artistic community wants to give voice to writers, poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and artists of all kinds; people whose voices are simply not being heard in other outlets.  Furthermore, we want to support these artists in their visions by providing a sounding board where work can be discussed, professional arrangements can be made, and a free exchange of ideas is always possible.
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