Poor Brian’s Almanac
No. 8 - Sinookas
    Hello and welcome to another awe-inspiring edition of freewheeling wonderment! I am making some changes to the column in order to make it a more fulfilling experience for eac
No. 7 - Allegra Vivace
        Isn’t it so very often the case that something we think we’re doing to help ourselves turns out to be something that’s making things worse?
    We are in desolate times lately….I myself am nest
No. 6 - "Defeat is always momentary"
Like ashes being spit up by a Phoenix, this silly little column now gets a new lease on life thanks to our good friends at In the Garage Productions. I did not expect it to live on after we took the P
No. 5 - Violencia
            Some people would label playing video games as juvenile. I would as well, but I happen to love juvenile things with a flaming passion. Recently I had the opportunity to play the new title
No. 4 - Crunchy Quotes Can Cut Through Fog
            Legendary theatre critic Walter Kerr wrote the following in his review of Neil Simon’s The Star-Spangled Girl:
          “Neil Simon didn’t have an idea for a play this year, but he wrote
No. 3 - Public Nonsense (Part One)
            I often zone out when I’m on the subway. So do most people. Strangers do not talk to strangers, do they? Most of the time, strangers don’t even acknowledge other strangers. This can be exp
No. 2 - My Friend, the Crack Addict
        You make jokes about crack addicts all the time, but have you ever met one?
       I go to the same deli every day. It’s right around the corner from the restaurant where I answer phones, and
No. 1 - One Thousand Sandals
        I get accused of many things in the course of one day. This past week alone I have been accused of being a communist, a slugger, and taking ecstasy before rehearsals. The latter accusation cam
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